Seasongood Luncheon

Congratulations to the 2018 Seasongood Award winners!

 Xiyanna Kellogg (Shroder High School), Jeda Carter (Purcell Marian High School), Madison Clark (Bellevue High School), Rajah Shepard (Roger Bacon High School), and Sydney Westerbeck (Fairfield High School). Photo by Harriet Kaufman.

The Seasongood Luncheon, held each May, features as speaker a local woman who is a “star” in the community – and often the first female in her position.  The event honors Agnes B. Seasongood (1890-1882), a prominent Cincinnati citizen, and WCC member and benefactor. She was a champion for women and the disenfranchised in Cincinnati.

Three or more graduating high school young women receive Education Awards each year at the luncheon based on essay submissions.  They are chosen for their inspiring papers on the importance of civic engagement.