Status of Women Action Group

The Status of Women Action Group addresses a wide range of women’s empowerment issues, including their economic, mental and physical health.

The third Status of Women Expo was held Friday, July 1, 2016,  on Fountain Square.
Theme: “We All Belong”

The Status of Women Action Group — The group will focus this year’s work on supporting agencies that serve women’s physical and financial health and family planning.

The Status of Women Action Group invites members to join and participate. We are a group committed to taking action and becoming involved while having an enjoyable time as we move toward our goals.

Our immediate action goal is to support the Off the Streets program in collaboration with Anna Female SymbolLouise Inn, Cincinnati Union Bethel and the Freedom Center National Underground Railroad Museum. We have met with Mary Carol Merton to learn how WCC can help.

While the current status of funding seems to be in place, we may be called to write letters of support for the Off the Streets‖ program developed by the Cincinnati Police Department that partnered with CUB
to  offer prostitutes a safe haven and chance of a better lifestyle. We will continue working with the public awareness committee of the End Slavery Now to help abolish human trafficking.

In the spring or summer, we hold a public rally or demonstration in support of women’s physical and financial health and family planning. We have joined with Women Helping Women, the Rape Crisis Center, Planned Parenthood and other agencies to support the services these agencies offer women.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact C.J. Pierce

From Surviving to Thriving

Moving Beyond Surviving to Thriving

Artist Melissa Rowland

PERCEIVED VALUE by Artist Melissa Rowland

Thriving Cincinnati  See Video

 WCPO COLUMN:  Are we ready to move Greater Cincinnati and its families from surviving to thriving?

For the past 100 years, the Woman’s City Club of Greater Cincinnati (WCC) has invited residents to promote the common good. One issue at the forefront of our agenda is income inadequacy and its disproportionate harm to women and minorities. When any member of our community lacks access to employment or the ability to earn a living, it harms all of us.

Inspired by the dedication of Louise Spiegel, a subcommittee of the Status of Women was formed to advocate for the economic well-being of families in Cincinnati. The Louise Spiegel committee built on the PULSE: 2020 Jobs and Gender Outlook report of the Woman’s Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation. The report identified barriers to economic self-sufficiency for women and provided a springboard for meaningful action. Our shared goal – to inspire positive change – led us to create the Thriving Cincinnati movement.

We look forward to your participation in this Status of Women Economic, Mental and Physical Health endeavor.
— Susan Noonan and the Status of Women Committee