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Feist-Tea Event

Our Seventh Annual FEIST-TEA Fundraiser
Sunday, December 11, 2016

Kennedy Heights Arts Center Linder Annex
6546 Montgomery Road

The Feist-Tea, a free fun event, honors outstanding WCC members
for their club achievements.
Contributions are accepted.

small Feist Tea lady


 2016 Honorees


L-R Melissa Rowland, Jeanne Nightingale, Marge Davis, Linda Wihl, Carole Cutter-Hawkins, Future Vincent-Hicks, Nancy Lu Walters, Susan Noonan

Carol Cutter- Hawkins    Jeanne Nightingale Nancy Lu Walters    Linda Wihl


Carole Cutter-Hawkins

Jeanne Nightingale

Jeanne Nightingale


Linda Wihl


Nancy Lu Walters


We appreciate your generous contribution in honor of our 2016 Feisty Women. Your contribution helps support WCC’s Seasongood Education Award Program.


Previous Feist-Tea Honorees
Carol Joy Haupt – Susan Noonan – Catherine Roma – Kay Smith-Yount
2014 Carolyn Briese – Joyce Asfour – Ruth Cronenberg – Cheryl Meadows
2013 Sarah Gideonse – Mary Wells – Harriet Kaufman – Helen O’Neal
2012 – Jane Anderson – Cassandra Barham – Alice Schneider
2011 Dot Christenson – Judy Green – Kathy Helmbock – Amy Katzman –Marcella Trice
Marianna Bettman – Lillian Jones –
Francie  Pepper – Doreen Quinn – Marian Spencer – Bobbie Sterne