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Purpose: Thriving Cincinnati is a powerful initiative to address income inadequacy, child hunger, and poverty in our community with the goal of moving Greater Cincinnati’s families from surviving to thriving. Thriving Cincinnati focuses on women, children and minorities who are disproportionately impacted by income inadequacy. To participate with WCC in the effort, join WCC.

We know many groups are addressing these and related issues in large and small ways. To add momentum to these efforts, WCC initiated Thriving Cincinnati in May 2015Thriving Cincinnati = invitation + service so individuals and groups addressing income inadequacy can find one another. All sectors of the community intertwine and can contribute to these goals.

Thriving Cincinnati aims to raise awareness that —

  • We are all touched by these issues;
  • Our choices affect others across sectors;
  • We need to collaborate and innovate.

Current activities:

Its website, Thriving, serves as a clearinghouse to gather information, exchange best practices, and promote creation and collaboration on programs working toward increasing self-sufficiency and decreasing poverty, promoting adequate wages, and ending wage theft.

The committee holds periodic gatherings on common issues to promote collaboration. It invites experts across all sectors to present information on the topic, followed by discussion. People attending can share what they know and what they are working on, then find allies to work on the issue.

What committee members do:

  • Conduct outreach to other groups and individuals to gather information about work underway and to involve them in Thriving Cincinnati.
  • Research topics related to these issues.
  • Plan gatherings and events to share information and promote collaboration.
  • Administer and contribute articles and information to the Thriving Cincinnati Facebook page at — then tap “write a post”
  • Help maintain the Thriving Cincinnati website (  by collecting and posting information from partners and the media.

How to become involved:

WCC members can join the committee:  Contact a co-chair:  Harriet Kaufman ( or 513-751-6381) or Susan Noonan ( or 513-777-9988)

The community can:

  • Help grow Thriving Cincinnati into a movement.
  • Become a partner through
  • Display the Thriving symbol or with your organization’s logo.
  • Join with others to address income inadequacy, raise awareness of the different ways we can affect income inadequacy and invite others to join.
    Together we can create a sustained effort to help families and children gain livable incomes.  


  • Developed a symbol — a five-sided crystal representing key sectors that must be involved to succeed in addressing income inadequacy.
  • Developed its website and a flyer.
  • Displayed the sculpture, “Pennies on a Dollar,” by Melissa Rowland at the Women’s Health Expo in May 2015 and July 2016.
  • Produced two videos to introduce Thriving Cincinnati to the public (see below).
  • Held a forum in Fall 2015 to promote and explain Thriving Cincinnati.
  • Held a gathering for members and the community to learn about wage theft in the community and City Council’s proposal to prohibit it with city contractors. (link to January-February bulletin article)
  • Testified at City of Cincinnati Finance Committee meetings in favor of the wage theft Ordinance to help passage in Council.
  • Built on earlier WCC’s events: 2014 workshop “Women and Families — Wage Inequality and a Living Wage” that developed a list of proposed actions and forum, “Conquering Unemployment,” with Janice Urbanik and Dr. O’dell Owens.

Recent events:

  • In the summer  of 2017 began a focus of workforce development and training, gather information from community organizations with this mission.



View the Videos:


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