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National Speaker Forum


Woman’s City Club of Greater Cincinnati


 2015 National Speaker

April 23, 2015

Mariel Hemingway

Mariel Hemingway

The National Speaker Forum has become a time-honored tradition in Cincinnati.

Each spring, The Woman’s City Club brings a nationally known speaker to address our community.  In its early history, WCC invited outstanding nationals leaders to speak in Cincinnati. In 1916, Woodrow Wilson came to address our city. He was followed by education John Dewey and social worker Jane Addams in 1918, and in 1923, by Carrie Chapman Cat, women’s rights activist.

The National Speakers’ Forum was revived in 1994, when WCC invited Lani Guineer to speak. This forum has now become a nationally recognized event. It has given the Cincinnati community the opportunity to enjoy a number of engaging and renowned public speakers including Susan Stamburg, Wilma Mankiller, Joycelyn Elders, Molly Ivins, Pat Schroeder, Terry Gross, Michel Martin, Charlayne Hunter-Gault, Anna Deavere Smith, Gail Collins, Katty Kay, Naomi Tutu, Kerry Kennedy, and Robin Wright. This year we are delighted  to announce that our honored speaker for 2014 will be Candy Crowley, CNN’s award-winning senior political correspondent and actor of the network’s “State of the Union” Sunday program.

2014 National Speaker Program

2014 National Speaker, Candy Crowley  Slide Show of  Candy Crowley Event

WCC - Crowley - Carolyn Washburn with Candy Crowley

Caroly Washburn, Candy Crowley, Carole Donnelly, Susan Noonan

From WCPO….
Audience member: Crowley “refreshing”
Funds from the annual speaker forum support the civic programs of Woman’s City Club of Greater Cincinnati. Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church hosted the event, which drew more than 350 people.
“It sounds like everyone’s been voting down the party line quite a bit, which is why of course no one wants to compromise because there’s no one who will compromise who’s left,” Melissa Rowland, a member of Woman’s City Club of Greater Cincinnati who attended the event. “It’s all or nothing and the best way to move forward is to find a compromise and listen.”
One attendee said having a respected journalist like Crowley visit Cincinnati is important.
“I think any chance that we can get people to come to Ohio and present what’s going on in Washington, in a non-partisan way–you couldn’t tell if she was a Democrat or a Republican,” said Richard Packert, a history teacher. “I think what’s so refreshing to her speeches about politics that aren’t so party-driven. She gave a very middle of the road, very informative, but yet entertaining speech.”

Watch Candy Crowley in these interviews:



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