About Us

Who Are We?

  • We are conveners, partners, supporters and catalysts for collaborative action.
  • We educate and raise community awareness about public issues.
  • We promote dialogue across difference.
  • We work to improve the standards for equity, social justice and quality of life in our city.
  • We are women working together to make a difference.

To educate, empower and engage the citizens of Greater Cincinnati to participate together in promoting the common good.

A just and sustainable community where all citizens are engaged as informed stakeholders in the shaping of our shared future.

Collaboration: WCC serves as a convener, partner and catalyst for collaborative action that promotes social reform and responsive government.
Citizen Empowerment: WCC fosters shared leadership and encourages the voices of women, minorities and youth to be more powerfully heard in public decision-making.
Civic Literacy: WCC educates the community through open public forums and models the democratic process through courageous dialogue and debate.
Equity and Justice: WCC promotes social, economic and environmental justice through advocacy and service, championing the rights of those facing inequities.
Children and Youth on Positive Trajectories to Lead Constructive Lives and Achieve Their Dreams: WCC supports excellence in public education and advocates for policies, resources and services that improve children’s lives.
Thriving City of the Future: WCC works to enhance the quality of public life. We support welcoming civic spaces, a regional transportation system, safe and resilient neighborhoods, high-quality affordable housing, active healthy citizens and a flourishing life of the arts.

Link to: 2021 WCC Bylaws