Civic Engagement

Through our Civic Engagement Initiatives, we reach out to the community seeking ways of making our collective voices more powerfully heard. By taking courageous stands as a Club on issues congruent with out values, we provide strong civic leadership.

Our work on Civic Engagement work is implemented on three levels:

  • Through Action Group and task force projects.
  • Through collaborations with other civic organizations.
  • Through researching models of good citizen engagement and envisioning a stronger and more diverse Civic Sector in Cincinnati.
  • Through endorsements of ballot issues and position statements on city policy issues.


Catalyst for Achievement Action Group

Status of Women
Action Group

Action Group

Catalyst Female symbol Environmental
Understanding the tragic correlation between street violence and literacy, WCC provides volunteers and funds for a tutoring program in an inner city school. We teach kindergartners literacy skills so they will have a better chance of becoming strong readers by fourth grade. Read more… Addressing a wide range of women’s empowerment issues, the group collaborates with other community organizations to promote women’s physical, mental and economic health. Read more… .The group focuses on environmental justice issues: on  ensuring a better quality of for all, now and in the future, in a just and equitable manner. The committee co-sponsors a series of community conversations at St. John’s UU Church, Changing Co2urse: Local Solutions to Global Crises. Read more…


Finally, the WCC research team worked with a group of community leaders engaged in implementing the Cincinnati Plan and expanding active citizen participation in city decision-making.

This group – the Citizen Engagement Action Team (CEAT) – drafted a proposal to create a flourishing culture of citizen engagement for adoption by the City of Cincinnati by January 2017. WCC along with other civic organizations and community councils  asked to pass a resolution in support of city council adopting the proposed policy and principles.                        ~ Jeanne Nightingale, VP Civic Engagement