Seasongood Luncheon

Seasongood Luncheon 2021

Thursday, June 3, 7:30pm





History of the Luncheon
This annual luncheon is named in honor of Agnes Seasongood.  When Agnes died, she left a large bequest to the Woman’s City Club.  After the last disbursement of this bequest in 1984, the Woman’s City Club initiated a special Friday forum in honor of Agnes.  The first Agnes Seasongood Forum was held on April 27, 1984. The forum has become an annual event and tradition.

Agnes Seasongood (1890-1982) is well deserving of this honor.  She was a longtime member and active leader in Woman’s City Club, helping initiate many improvements in Cincinnati.  She and her husband, Murray, were leaders in the formation of the Charter Committee movement that brought needed reforms to the government of Cincinnati.  Agnes became very upset by what she saw when visiting jails and subsequently worked on improvements.  She started a training school for domestic workers called “Household Training Center.”  She served on many boards such as Citizen’s School Committee, which endorsed candidates for the school board, and Children’s Guidance Home.  In addition, she was one of the founding members of Talbert House, a halfway house for released prison inmates.  Many have benefited from her work.  Agnes Seasongood is a good example to us of what each of us is capable of doing to make our community a better place.

Past Speakers

2019 Kristin Shrimplin, CEO, Women Helping Women
2018 D. Lynn Myers
2017 Angela Byers
2016 Cathy Bailey
2015 Dr. Lakshmi Sammarco
2014 Betsy Ross
2013 Terry Garcia Crews
2012 Candace S. McGraw
2011 Mary Ronan
2010 Marilyn Shazor
2009 Shannon Draper
2008 Margaret E. Buchanan
2007 Ellen van der Horst
2006 Kathy Harrell
2005 Linda Balding Shearer
2004 Nancy L. Zimpher
2003 Roxanne Qualls
2002 Peg Moertl
2001 Sheila Adams
2000 Sheri Farrar
1999  J.J. Johnson JioDucci
1998  Hon. Melba Marsh
1997  Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney & Eric Kearney
1996  Jack Gilligan
1995  80th Anniversary Panel