WCC 2019 Annual Fundraising Campaign

 Woman’s City Club 2019 Annual Fundraising Campaign

Are you interested in shaping the future of Greater Cincinnati? Woman’s City Club initiates community conversations, educates people on local issues, and moves citizens to action consistent with our values.

This year, we’ll continue to press for a variety of issues of concern to our community.  WCC recent activities include our Woman’s Expo on Fountain Square, a forum on women in civic leadership, ballot issue endorsements, arts and literary programing, book clubs, and more. We are working for a future beyond disposable plastics, while also spearheading a campaign for a statue of Marian Spencer in a city park. Each year, WCC engages our broader community in conversation with a National Speaker: in March 2020, we’ll host Denise Kiernan, historian and bestselling author of Atomic Girls.

We depend on members and friends like you to make all these programs and initiatives possible. Between now and December 31, we are asking your financial support through the Woman’s City Club Annual Campaign.

Please contribute toward expenses for Woman’s City Club activities that matter to you:

  • Communications about issues and events that matter through our website, bulletin, social media, and public campaigns;
  • Back office administration expenses for rent, office equipment, and our crucial part time office manager;
  • Public program and civic engagement expenses like flyers, honoraria for speakers, refreshments, handouts, room rentals; or
  • Tutoring for young children and educational scholarships for high schoolers.

You can send a onetime or monthly gift or set up a recurring e-gift through your banking institution or credit card.  You can also establish a planned gift for the WCC Second Century Fund to assure WCC’s continuing presence in our next one hundred years.

Thank you for your continued support of Woman’s City Club so we can continue to Light the Fire and Lead the Way.

Janet Buening, President                                                  Rina Saperstein, Treasurer

To make a secure online donation payment through PayPal, or a credit card
click on “Donate” below and follow the instructions.

Thank-you  for your continued support of Woman’s City Club.