Board Members


Officers and Board Members 2020-21








President: Beth Sullebarger (2020-2022) email:

VP Administration: Sharon McCreary (2020-2023

VP Civic Engagement: David Siders  2021-2024)

VP Programs: Jeff Dey (2016-2022)

VP Membership: Cathy Bailey (term expiring 2022)

Secretary: Anne Buening (2017-2023)

Treasurer: Marcia Togneri (2021-2022)

Past President:  Janet Buening (2019-2022)



Sherri Adams 2021-2024

Michelle Dillingham (2020-2023)

Amy Katzman (2016-2022)

Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney (appointed, 2019-2021)

Jan Seymour (term expiring in 2022)

Aurelia Simmons 2021-2024

Beverly Thomas (2017-2023)

Crista Zielke  2021-2024

Nominating Committee  (the board elects two from the board in June)

  1. Tara French
  2. Alice Schneider
  3. Susan Noonan